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Collaboration in Omnichannel - Allsteel Case

To move from a multi-channel to a true omni-channel customer experience, the different sales channels need to be integrated. In the area of interior products - be it furniture, kitchens or building materials - this means that, besides having the same tools available across the different channels, the design and purchase process participants need to also be able to collaborate efficiently; While important in the residential furniture retail, in the commercial furniture and home improvement categories the collaboration is often vital.

When Allsteel decided to implement a new design and visualisation tool they had two objectives in mind. Firstly, the new tool needed to enable the sales and designs teams to create the customer designs visually, automatically create information on required items and fixings, as well as to be able to integrate to the business systems for automatic order processing. Secondly, the solution had to enable Allsteel's large sales team to share their work, knowledge, and best practices anywhere and at any time, through a cloud-based sales tool. And this is exactly what the VividPlatform was designed for. Besides enabling the fully visual and automatic 'Design-to-Purchase' process, the platform collaboration features allow, for example

  •  Allsteel personnel to quickly create designs for the customer space and easily share the designs with the rest of the design team using the design application itself, enabling a true collaboration on the design throughout the project.
  • Design teams to re-use designs from the previous customer cases, either as they are or modifying them quickly for the needs of the new customer.
  • Collaboration on multiple levels: The solutions provides generic galleries for anyone's use (e.g. commercial interior designers, customers, public) and limited-access collaboration spaces available only for the Allsteel teams' business use.
  • Allsteel product management and design departments to prepare ready-made design templates, improving the sales teams efficiency and helping them to demonstrate the features and possibilities of new product families.
  • Easy sharing of the design and keeping the customer informed throughout the design and deployment process.

Allsteel's 'Beyond Configurator' generic web-app can be tested at their home page, at www.allsteeloffice.com.

VividWorks COO Visiting Australian Customers in May

VividWorks COO, Jorma Palo, is visiting Australian customers in May (6.5-11.5), sharing the experiences, lessons learned, and trends from the VividWorks customers in Europe, USA, and Asia. Email us to book a meeting.

Boffi Rolls Out the VividPlatform Design-to-Purchase Solution

Boffi, a leading Italian manufacturer of high-end kitchens, bathroom furniture and wardrobes - and the only kitchen manufacturer to ever have won the prestigious industrial design award 'Compasso d’oro alla carriera' - have rolled out the new VividPlatform based design tool in their global showrooms and design centers (see Australian site here)

The Vividplatform enables the Boffi showroom personnel to quickly create kitchen designs for their customers and demonstrate how the designs would fit in the customers' space. Selecting from the vast range of Boffi products and options, the sales person can visually build the kitchen configuration and demonstrate various alternatives to the customer in real-time, changing configurations, materials, and options based on the feedback from the customer. As the product configuration rules are also built into the system, making only the allowed combinations available for the design, the kitchen configuration process is further simplified and the chance of human errors minimised.

Boffi has deployed the VividPlatform as a full 'Design-To-Purchase' solution. This means that, as the kitchen configuration is being built, the platform calculates the required elements and materials, including also the hidden structures and fixtures, and provides the list of materials and pricing in real-time. Furthermore, when the customer is ready to purchase, the order can be placed directly from the design application through the platform's ERP-integration.

A global online platform delivers Boffi also important corporate level benefits. For example, as the changes to the product library are instantaneously available everywhere in the world, the platform ensures that all Boffi designers always have the latest product information available to them and the new products can be simultaneously launched everywhere.