Augmented Reality Furniture


We do lots of trade shows every year. In addition to the furniture shows like the International Möbelmesse, Milan Design Week, and Dwell on Design, we frequently participate in pure technology shows to see the latest trends, to meet with our partners like the 3D-camera and VR-glass manufacturers, and to show off our own technology (admittedly we love hearing a computer graphics specialist complaining about a bug in our demo, just to be able to tell him that the chair he is trying to move in the live-AR app is actually the only real one in the view and, in fact, the one he sees in front of him). But even by our standards June was quite heavy.
In June we participated in three main industry events, including exhibiting in two of the world’s largest Augmented and Virtual Reality events, the 25th 3D & Virtual Reality Expo (IVR) in Japan and the 7th Augmented World Expo(AWE) in Santa Clara. And the themes in all shows were – not that surprisingly – highly similar. Demonstrated by the number of 2nd generation AR and VR-glasses on show, from Microsoft’s HoloLens down to Chinese entry-level products, the display devices are still the hot bed of activity and everyone in the industry is keen to see the battle for the 2016 Christmas market. Compared to the previous events, however, this year the industry is also starting to look beyond the new shiny toy and to focus on the actual use of AR & VR, i.e. applications, content, and how all the user interactions are changed by the AR & VR technology. Having done real-time furniture and interior product configuration in AR & VR already for years our initial response might be a laconic ‘so’, but it is fascinating to see how rapidly the new applications are now sprouting in all imaginable walks of life, from AR-based airplane maintenance manual, smart glasses based corporate security, and 'AR-big data' marketing, to a kid chasing Pokémons on the city street. No matter what the Virtual & Augmented reality ends up becoming it certainly has the potential to surprise us all.
The technology enthusiasts can find the AWE’2016 videos in here. Us you can find next in the AWE Berlin (18-19.10) and Tokyo Housing Expo (25-27.10).

CIO Review Recognises Vividworks amongst 'the 20 Most Promising'

In their recent Augmented Reality Special Issue the CIO Review Magazine recognised Vividworks amongst 'the 20 Most Promising Augmented Reality Solution Providers - 2016'. While appreciative of the honour and the significance of the nomination, we beg to differ - slightly: Having delivered double-digit sales growth and operational cost savings to hundreds of customers already for years, we do like to consider ourselves a bit more than just 'promising'. However - and on a more serious note - the special issue does contain an interesting series of articles for anyone interested in the ways AR and VR are changing all industries, from retail and travel to health and aeronautics. We also wholeheartedly agree with the CIO Review's managing editor's opening words and see them now starting to take shape also in the Australian markets (”Augmented Reality (AR) is rapidly evolving as the next must-have technology for companies to stay competitive in a world of consumers who increasingly demand “naïve experiences”. Successful AR applications can revolutionize the way people communicate with their devices, changing the way shopping works, how business is done,and how companies market to the consumers.”
You can find the CIO Reviews's Augmented Reality Special,the '20 Most Promising'-list (pg.14), and a special VividWorks interview (pg.32) here.

VividWorks Customer References Updated: Allsteel, Boffi, La-Z-Boy, etc

Busy deploying solutions around the world it took us a while but we finally got around to it. We recently updated our customer reference web-site information and added use-case stories also from the customers who have gone live since the last update (too long ago), e.g. Allsteel, Boffi, DHY, and La-Z-Boy. To see the list of some of our customer cases, and to lean more how our products have helped our customers to enhance their businesses, speed up the whole sales process, and increase the returning customer rate, visit the VividWorks web-site at www.vividworks.com/references