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La-Z-Boy Full Product Catalogue Now in VividPlatform

After La-Z-Boy replaced their previous 3D visualisation applications with the VividPlatform in 2014 we have been busy in moving their full product catalogue to the new design-to-purchase system. The transition has now been completed and the La-Z-Boys sales people and consumers are able to design new interiors using the full La-Z-Boy product catalogue, including all materials, colours, and options. The '3D Room Planner' is currently available only in the North American markets (online available globally but only from US servers) and will be in the future phased into other markets.
See more about the La-Z-Boy implementation in the La-Z-Boy US website.

Montana Selects VividPlatform

VividWorks is happy to announce that Montana Moebler, a leading Danish manufacturer of office and home furniture and shelving systems, has chosen VividWorks as the supplier of their new online 3D design-to-purchase applications and tools.

Montana and Vividworks have, since 2014, worked together on defining a solution which could replace Montana's legacy tools and processes, increase the lead generation, enhance the customers' buying experience, and reduce the sales costs. As a result of this project, Montana is now launching their new online application which enables sales personnel to assist customers in designing with Montana products and always has up to date information on the product catalogue, colours, features, and product availability. The application is also fully integrated with Montana’s new ERP system, minimizing the work required - and mistakes made - when creating customer orders.

The new design applications are initially made available only for the in-store use in Montana's own stores, followed by the expansion to the global dealer stores and, finally, to the consumers.

The first Fagmøbler store with the concept was opened in May and while the actual results naturally are a guarded business secret it is sufficient to say that on a same-store basis Fagmøbler has never sold as well. Impressed with the detail gone into the store design we would not be surprised if the ROI-period was counted in weeks.

Boffi Kitchens In Milan Design Week with VividPlatform

Boffi, a leading Italian manufacturer of high-end kitchens, bathroom furniture and wardrobes - and a winner of prestigious industrial design awards like 'Compasso d’oro alla carriera' - launched their new product lineup last week in the Milan Design Week using the VividPlatform. Following the official application launch at the 2015 event, the new design tools will be made available to the Boffi showrooms and dealers.
Learn more about Boffi by visiting their website.

Vividworks Augmented Reality

Nordic's Largest Home Improvement Retailer Converges On VividPlatform

In 2014 the marketing and sales management in Rautakesko, one of the largest home improvement retailers in Europe, recognized that the hodgepodge of single purpose online design tools did no longer meet the requirements and the needs of the omni-channel shoppers. Not only did each application have its own user experience but the tools were also limited to basic online visualisation and did not support the modern shopper's path to purchase. What Rautakesko really wanted was a consumer 'home profile' - a single application with which the consumers could create models of their own homes and which would become a natural starting point for all their home improvement projects, be it a kitchen, bathroom, outdoor furniture, tiling, or even a completely new home. They also wanted the home profile to be seamlessly integrable into the path-to-purchase: after having started the journey on their computer or on a tablet the consumers should be able to share their design online with friends and specialists, add the finishing touches in store with the sales personnel, automatically get lists of materials, products and work estimates, and, finally, complete the purchase by placing the order into the Rautakesko systems.

Rautakesko has now started their journey towards a consumer'home portal' by moving the first products in the bathroom category (furniture, sinks, showers) into VividPlatform and launching the online and iPad applications. Besides gradually introducing additional product categories into the 'home portal' and increasing the sales cycle integration, the Rautakesko future plans also include creating more immersive in-store experiences, e.g. by providing customers in-store "design caves".