Tile Express’ powered by the VividPlatformTM is the generational leap in the Home Customisation market that consumers have not only been looking for, but what the market has promised and never previously delivered on.

National Tiles customers, when selecting tiling for their homes have always faced the same issues as the customers of practically all other retailers, perhaps even more so. Whilst they could see and feel the product in the shop, they often struggled to visualise what their selections would look like in their own home and ended up seesawing between the alternatives, unable to make a decision (let alone being upsold to!). And even when the product choice was not difficult enough, the task became even more challenging when it came time to decide the size and shape of the tiled area, select the lay pattern to be used, choose the grout colour, and even pick the trim options.  And then there was the small matter of cost…

With Tile Express National Tiles has finally solved these industry issues and with it revolutionise the customer experience. By enabling the building plans to be brought directly into the tool, Tile Express allows the client to visually design their home with a sales consultant - room by room - continually seeing in high definition what the design choices look like in contextual surroundings, with fixtures and fittings selected from a large library of standard components. 

The visual design however, is only the starting point of National Tile’s new superb customer experience. Recognising that visualisation should not be a separate step but part of a seamless visual design-to-purchase experience, National Tiles Tile Express also calculates the quantities of all relevant materials, labour rates, and other costs in real-time, as customers make their choices. And when the design is ready, the order is placed directly from the tool with a press of a button, eliminating extra steps, customer waitin g times, and potential order errors.   

“One of the challenges for companies looking to provide visualisation services is the potential that the mandatory operational processes that surround the visualisation experience, such as estimation and quotation, can negatively impact the overall customer experience. Our focus was to ensure that the end to end experience for the customer was first class, be it the design selection itself, or how quickly they received their designs and quotations.”

National Tiles is already providing a competitive edge to their large builder customers with Tile Express and are now expanding to new visualisation capabilities and consumer engagement models. Besides the National Tiles Builder’s customers, and the Australian market as a whole, also Vividworks has been very impressed with the National Tiles vision.  “We have for years worked with the largest home improvement businesses in the world’s most advanced markets, like in Japan. What National Tiles is creating is totally unique - a truly industry leading digital customer experience in the category.”, says Jorma Palo, the COO of VividWorks.

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