Increasing Store Sales Close Ratio With In-Store Design Stations

The theory is simple. Equipped with a thorough knowledge of products and able to demonstrate all of them, the sales person obtains a good understanding of the customers needs and home environment, and provides a highly personalised service, dealing with things that are important to your customers, solving their decorating problems, and clearing their decision uncertainties. As a result, less customers disconnect at the door (i.e. 'just browsing'), more sales are closed in the first customer's store visit, and you have more high-conversion be-backer traffic.There is, however, only one small challenge: How?

To solve the in-store sales challenges Fagmøbler, a leading Norwegian furniture retailer and a client of the VividWorks since 2013, recently launched a new store design based on extending the use of augmented and virtual reality into the store environment. By deploying a number of large-screen 'design-stations' in their stores Fagmøbler enabled the customers and the sales personnel to visualise the full Fagmøbler product catalogue and to create, in real-time, interior designs in the customer's "own environment". The new store design also included equipping all sales people with iPads which can be used for engaging with the customers on-the-floor, opening customer's own designs (i.e. the customer has already started the design at home with the Fagmøbler online or tablet application), and connecting to the design stations for visualising their designs on the large screens.

The benefits of the new omni-channel concept are clear. As the sales personnel engage the customers in their "own environment" and learn more about the customer's situation and needs they can provide a truly personalised service and go beyond selling just a product with some basic upsell add-ons. Instead, they can help the customer to create an interior design and "fill the room" (naturally with Fagmøbler's products!).

The deployed system also helps the sales personnel to be better prepared for the sales situation. By doubling as a training channel it enables efficient training on new products, enhances the sharing of information on the latest design trends and tricks, and equips the sales personnel with new sales ideas (e.g. based on data-mining the online application use data).

The first Fagmøbler store with the concept was opened in May and while the actual results naturally are a guarded business secret it is sufficient to say that on a same-store basis Fagmøbler has never sold as well. Impressed with the detail gone into the store design we would not be surprised if the ROI-period was counted in weeks.


  • Thu, 10/27/2016 - 20:00 reply
    this article is how interactive selling can capture the customers interest in an interior space which would reflect their own home space and sell the product by inputting interior design programmes . this technology is also used in house design and renovating , the client cannot visualise the completion, a virtual space planner programme can show the rooms and how they will look once renovated, ingénues tool.

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