Macy’s, one of the world’s leading retailers, is constantly looking for ways to develop their business by creating new and exciting customer shopping experiences.  As part of this focus on ‘What’s New, What’s Next” in retail industry Macy’s has been rolling out Virtual Reality design stations in their furniture departments since 2018 and are now offering the experience already in over 150 stores.

Learn more about Macy’s VR in-store experience and watch Macy’s CEO, Jeff Gennette, talk about their approach here.

Macy’s VR furniture shopping experience is based on combining the technology with service-led sales personnel. When the customer visits a Macy’s store, a specialised salesperson works with the customer to create the customer’s home in 3D and then assists the customer to select fitting items from Macy’s vast selection of furnishing products. Besides creating an immersive and exciting shopping experience, the VR-design technology helps the customers to visualise their space more accurately and to select products with higher confidence. As a result, they buy more Macy’s products and are more satisfied with their purchase (45% higher basket size and 25% lower return rate compared to traditional sales).

Although Macy’s main rationale for adopting VR-technology is to increase the furniture sales, the program also has a second, and equally important, focus area: store floorspace. By utilising VR-technology Macy’s is able to virtually expand the in-store inventory in their stores while at the same time reducing the floorspace required for the display furniture. The benefit is particularly important as the retailer seeks ways to keep its brick-and-mortar costs under control. 

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