Operating in 24 countries in Europe and in Asia, with over 200,000 customers, and over 3000 employees, Lindström is one of the largest B-to-B textile services companies in Europe. They offer a full range of B-2-B textile services, from hotel and industrial textiles to rental mat services. Lindström rental mat services cover doormats, ergonomic and corridor mats, traditional mud mats, and customised solutions that suit their clients’ corporate image. 

The mats make a huge difference in how people view the company’s premises and the company itself. However, when the mats should be chosen, many people find it difficult to visualize how the mats would look in the premises. Lindström’s mat selection is also so large that viewing them all, let alone comparing alternatives, is challenging for many customers. In addition to the actual product selection, the sales consultants usually spend significant time in the back-office tasks like calculating pricing and data entry. Having recognized these issues Lindström decided that they want to go beyond the traditional brochures and samples -approach and fully change their sales process and customer experience.  

Lindström’s solution was a VividPlatform based Augmented Reality sales tool, ‘LiveDesign’. LiveDesign offers Lindström’s clients a unique ability to design visually, and a chance to see how mats would look like in their planned places. With LiveDesign the Lindström sales representatives and customers can try different colours and patterns, cut mats into right size, and try different combinations. The sales representatives can also add clients’ logos to the mats and show them how Lindström products can fully support the company image the clients desire (i.e. branded mats).  And when the customer has made the selection, all pricing and ordering is done automatically with one-click - and the installation groups are given easy, visual, instructions.

In addition to helping the end customers visualize mats in their planned places, Lindström has noticed other advantages. Sales processes get faster, sales representatives gain more credibility, and the representatives are seen more as interior designers than commodity sellers. Also, with the tool the full selection of mats can be shown instantly by any sales representative anywhere in the same way - which has created a significant boost in the sales performance.

“LiveDesign has positively affected our sales,” says Satu Haikarainen, head of product concept at Lindström Group. “When clients can see the right mats in the actual places, it is much easier for them to buy. We have just launched LiveDesign in seven other European countries [in addition to Finland]. More countries will follow. This is clearly the way to make sales going forward.”

LiveDesign also helps to meet the challenges caused by the size of some organizations. Sometimes the decision makers can’t come to see where the mats should be placed, for example, when the client business has branches in different cities. In these cases, the Lindström sales representative can visit branches without the decision maker, shoot photos of the locations, adding images of the mats to the photos, and add the photos to the quotation.

“We’re very excited that Lindström Group are benefitting from LiveDesign,” says VividWorks CEO Miska Visuri. “We have worked with AR for years now and consider LiveDesign one of the most effective examples of how this technology can be used to boost sales”.

LiveDesign has been nominated for Best Enterprise Solution at the Auggie Awards 2017. Winners will be announced during a prestigious ceremony at this year’s AWE.

Read the Vividworks Lindström case study here.

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