Going to The Next Level: New WebGL Features

As we predicted in the 2015 trends, WebGL is - after years of promise - finally making its way to the online visualisation solutions this year. While some of the developments (e.g. Unity 5 platform capabilities and consistent support in various web-browsers) have certainly been slower than we would had liked them to be, the time to move to next level of visualisation has now arrived.

The most significant new capabilities the Unity 5 WebGL platform brings to the interior visualisation are the support for non-plugin web-interface, real-time global illumination based on the Geomeric's Enlighten technology, physically-based shaders, high dynamic range sky-boxes, and reflections. Besides taking the realism of virtual-reality interiors to the next level these new capabilities further increase the quality of the surface and material visualisation, blurring the difference between reality and virtual.

Extending our lead in the interior visualisation solutions we have started to roll-out these new capabilities in our premium platform version in this quarter. (The images in this newsletter are samples of the next level of virtual-reality visualisation).

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