Commercial Furniture Accelerating New Sales Approach

Working with the commercial furniture businesses globally, from smaller manufacturers like Blåstation to some of the world's top-3 largest businesses, we see similar usage trends and accelerating adoption in all markets; Most businesses in the segment share the same problems as Public Co (Cres), a large Japan-based office and hospitality furniture manufacturer: the design and sales processes are time consuming, require too much manual labour, do not easily allow changes, and often result in wrong customer expectations. To change this, Public Co wanted a solution that would allow them to easily work with the customers. They wanted to upload the customer floorplans automatically, be able to show to the customer, on-site and in real-time, what the alternatives would look like, and throughout the project share the design concepts online between the project teams and the customer. Having first established the new ways of working, and now completing 160-seat lobby designs in tens of minutes instead of hours, many of our commercial furniture customers are now expanding to the customer-targeted application use. By enabling the customers to start the design process by themselves, these businesses create sales-leads efficiently from the application reporting as well as achieve significantly wider reach than is possible with the traditional sales-person approach.

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