CIO Review Recognises Vividworks amongst 'the 20 Most Promising'

In their recent Augmented Reality Special Issue the CIO Review Magazine recognised Vividworks amongst 'the 20 Most Promising Augmented Reality Solution Providers - 2016'. While appreciative of the honour and the significance of the nomination, we beg to differ - slightly: Having delivered double-digit sales growth and operational cost savings to hundreds of customers already for years, we do like to consider ourselves a bit more than just 'promising'. However - and on a more serious note - the special issue does contain an interesting series of articles for anyone interested in the ways AR and VR are changing all industries, from retail and travel to health and aeronautics. We also wholeheartedly agree with the CIO Review's managing editor's opening words and see them now starting to take shape also in the Australian markets (”Augmented Reality (AR) is rapidly evolving as the next must-have technology for companies to stay competitive in a world of consumers who increasingly demand “naïve experiences”. Successful AR applications can revolutionize the way people communicate with their devices, changing the way shopping works, how business is done,and how companies market to the consumers.”
You can find the CIO Reviews's Augmented Reality Special,the '20 Most Promising'-list (pg.14), and a special VividWorks interview (pg.32) here.

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