Case In Point - Ekornes' Journey

Having dappled in 3D-visualisation with custom-made marketing-gimmicks and never having achieved the results they really wanted, the people with Ekorness recognized they had to move into a new direction: What Ekornes wanted was a solution the consumers could use both online, on a tablet, and in-store and, most importantly, would allow Ekornes to rapidly deploy and expand globally. Ekornes started by launching the services in Norwegian markets, initially for the use of their local sales-people and then to the general public, only gradually making the applications available also in other markets with a soft-launch approach (still serving the global markets from Norway). Reaching tens of thousands of application users per month with little or no promotion in the markets, Ekornes has now shifted their focus to the global user experience. The applications are localized to multiple languages and, taking advantage of Vividwork's international presence, rolled out globally, serving the Ekornes customers always from the nearest hosting centers. As a result, Ekornes can effectively and directly engage the consumers in every market and, with application links to the location closest to the customer's, drive sales to their local resellers. See more at Ekornes-site and in AppStore

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