CIO Review Recognises Vividworks amongst 'the 20 Most Promising'

In their recent Augmented Reality Special Issue the CIO Review Magazine recognised Vividworks amongst 'the 20 Most Promising Augmented Reality Solution Providers - 2016'. While appreciative of the honour and the significance of the nomination, we beg to differ - slightly: Having delivered double-digit sales growth and operational cost savings to hundreds of customers already for years, we do like to consider ourselves a bit more than just 'promising'.


New VividPlatform launched at Internationale Möbelmesse 2016

Following the previews last year (See October Newsletter), the next generation VividPlatform was recently publicly launched in the Internationale Möbelmesse 2016 (IMM) in Cologne. Besides the next level of WebGL-visualisation and the new platform features what attracted most interest from the IMM visitors were the omni-channel use cases of the VividPlatform.

Going to The Next Level: New WebGL Features

As we predicted in the 2015 trends, WebGL is - after years of promise - finally making its way to the online visualisation solutions this year. While some of the developments (e.g. Unity 5 platform capabilities and consistent support in various web-browsers) have certainly been slower than we would had liked them to be, the time to move to next level of visualisation has now arrived.


Engaging Customer in The Next Dimension with Depth Sense

The world’s first integrated 3D depth and 2D camera module, enabling computers, tablets, and smartphones to “see” depth like human eyes was released by Intel at CES 2014 earlier this year. In 2015 we see this technology rushing into the market as it is being rapidly integrated into consumer mobile devices.
For interior visualisation this opens almost endless new possibilities, for example.


WebGL - Unplugging Plug-ins

WebGL (a 3D graphics library built into browsers) has for some years had the promise of becoming the next way of implementing 3D visualisation web-applications. While the benefits of WebGL are clear - a barrier-free user experience on any browser without installation of any plug-ins - the limited support by the browser vendors as well as the performance and feature gaps to the plug-in-technologies has so far slowed down the technology adoption.


Enable Interior Designer Sales Channel

Interior designers and decorators influence the purchasing decisions in a large number of commercial, residential, and hospitality spaces. Started after the high interest levels and need expressed by these professionals, the interior designer and decorator optimized VividPlatform version is now in its final beta-testing phases with a number of interior designers in Europe, USA, and Australia.