Creating An Online Customer Journey - Moving Beyond A Web Catalogue

The social distancing requirements are currently accelerating the consumer shift to online buying in all categories, and the furniture and home improvement retailers are also seeing significant increases in their website traffic. Since February, the Australian internet traffic has grown by up to 70% and, for example, online browsing of furniture increased by more than 200% (V12).  


How Macy's Increased Basket Size While Reducing Floorspace With VR

Macy’s, one of the world’s leading retailers, is constantly looking for ways to develop their business by creating new and exciting customer shopping experiences.  As part of this focus on ‘What’s New, What’s Next” in retail industry Macy’s has been rolling out Virtual Reality design stations in their furniture departments since 2018 and are now offering the experience already in over 150 stores.

Learn more about Macy’s VR in-store experience and watch Macy’s CEO, Jeff Gennette, talk about their approach here.


National Tiles Visual Home Customisation

National Tiles customers, when selecting tiling for their homes have always faced the same issues as the customers of practically all other retailers, perhaps even more so. Whilst they could see and feel the product in the shop, they often struggled to visualise what their selections would look like in their own home and ended up seesawing between the alternatives, unable to make a decision (let alone being upsold to!).


VividWorks Exhibiting in AWE'17, Santa Clara June 1-2

A peek-review videos of some of the use cases Vividworks will be demonstrating at AWE'17 can be seen by clicking the images below.

Next generation of selling configurable products 

Showcasing the visualisation quality, material realism, and adjustable lighting 

HQR Materials Sample


Virtual Glasses and High Quality Rendering Pre-Release Now Available

With the VividPlatform HQR and HMD features you can offer customers more than just animations and visual gimmicks.  As a part of the VividPlatform Design-to-Purchase solution the visualisation features can be used with all the standard platform features and they enable, for example, your customers to freely configure modular products, change materials, build their own home spaces, combine any number of products, adjust lighting, and even fill their whole home with your products – all in real-time (image samples above).


VividPlatform High Quality Rendering and Head Mounted Displays

VividWorks is extending its award winning VividPlatform with high quality rendering (HQR) capability for showroom and expo use. The pre-release technology preview is showcasing at AWE Europe, the Augmented World Expo, October 18-19th and will include additional features when officially launched in Q1 2017. Together with dedicated hardware, HQR can be displayed on large surfaces such as walls to create real life experiences. Products and floor plans can be combined and viewed in realistic scale with amazing textural detail.


New Features Launching in AWE Europe - High Quality and Virtual Reality Headsets

Continuing to evolve our SaaS-solution we are launching the next set of VividPlatform features in the AWE Europe (18.-19.10) and Tokyo Housing Expo (25.-27.10) industry events: The High Quality Rendering and Head Mounted Display (aka VR-headset) features.