Montana Selects VividPlatform

VividWorks is happy to announce that Montana Moebler, a leading Danish manufacturer of office and home furniture and shelving systems, has chosen VividWorks as the supplier of their new online 3D design-to-purchase applications and tools.


Case In Point - Ekornes' Journey

Having dappled in 3D-visualisation with custom-made marketing-gimmicks and never having achieved the results they really wanted, the people with Ekorness recognized they had to move into a new direction: What Ekornes wanted was a solution the consumers could use both online, on a tablet, and in-store and, most importantly, would allow Ekornes to rapidly deploy and expand globally.


ROI of 3D and AR Visualisation: Customers Result

VividWorks recently completed a study on the impact the VividPlatform augmented and virtual reality solutions have on the consumer path to purchase and on the businesses bottom-line. According to the results of the study which was based on consumer interviews as well as measured and client estimated business performance, enabling consumers to visualize products as part of their own homes: