VividWorks Exhibiting in AWE'17, Santa Clara June 1-2

A peek-review videos of some of the use cases Vividworks will be demonstrating at AWE'17 can be seen by clicking the images below.

Next generation of selling configurable products 

Showcasing the visualisation quality, material realism, and adjustable lighting 

HQR Materials Sample


Boffi Rolls Out the VividPlatform Design-to-Purchase Solution

Boffi, a leading Italian manufacturer of high-end kitchens, bathroom furniture and wardrobes - and the only kitchen manufacturer to ever have won the prestigious industrial design award 'Compasso d’oro alla carriera' - have rolled out the new VividPlatform based design tool in their global showrooms and design centers (see Australian site here)


Collaboration in Omnichannel - Allsteel Case

To move from a multi-channel to a true omni-channel customer experience, the different sales channels need to be integrated. In the area of interior products - be it furniture, kitchens or building materials - this means that, besides having the same tools available across the different channels, the design and purchase process participants need to also be able to collaborate efficiently; While important in the residential furniture retail, in the commercial furniture and home improvement categories the collaboration is often vital.


European Online-Only Retailer Launches 3D Room Planner

Design Your Home (DYH.com), an online-only furniture retailer operating in eight countries across Europe, has introduced a new 3D Room Planner and the first European designer community – all based on the VividPlatform. By launching the 3D Room Planner DYH.com wants to provide ‘the coolest online and app furniture shopping experience in Europe’. They also want to make the modern social customers’ buying cycle completely seamless by cross-integrating the design platform, e-Commerce, social-media, design blogs, and interior design services.


Newsflash: Allsteel Launches Sales Tool with VividPlatform

One of the world's largest office furniture manufacturers, Allsteel, has just launched their commercial furniture sales tool, 'Beyond Configurator' , for the customers to design with the Allsteel walls and office furniture.

Montana's New Online Ordering System With VividPlatform

In the past, when their customers were building modular configurations or customising furniture items, it was always a challenge to ensure that the customers were given the right price information and that the customised combinations complied with all product constraints and production requirements. In order to solve these issues, Montana has now invested in a new system which, in addition to giving the consumers an intuitive way to customise and visualise their furniture, supports direct ordering and fully integrates with Montana's back-office, ERP, and production systems.


Montana Selects VividPlatform

VividWorks is happy to announce that Montana Moebler, a leading Danish manufacturer of office and home furniture and shelving systems, has chosen VividWorks as the supplier of their new online 3D design-to-purchase applications and tools.


Commercial Furniture Accelerating New Sales Approach

Working with the commercial furniture businesses globally, from smaller manufacturers like Blåstation to some of the world's top-3 largest businesses, we see similar usage trends and accelerating adoption in all markets; Most businesses in the segment share the same problems as Public Co (Cres), a large Japan-based office and hospitality furniture manufacturer: the design and sales processes are time consuming, require too much manual labour, do not easily allow changes, and often result in wrong customer expectations.