CIO Review Recognises Vividworks amongst 'the 20 Most Promising'

In their recent Augmented Reality Special Issue the CIO Review Magazine recognised Vividworks amongst 'the 20 Most Promising Augmented Reality Solution Providers - 2016'. While appreciative of the honour and the significance of the nomination, we beg to differ - slightly: Having delivered double-digit sales growth and operational cost savings to hundreds of customers already for years, we do like to consider ourselves a bit more than just 'promising'.


European Online-Only Retailer Launches 3D Room Planner

Design Your Home (DYH.com), an online-only furniture retailer operating in eight countries across Europe, has introduced a new 3D Room Planner and the first European designer community – all based on the VividPlatform. By launching the 3D Room Planner DYH.com wants to provide ‘the coolest online and app furniture shopping experience in Europe’. They also want to make the modern social customers’ buying cycle completely seamless by cross-integrating the design platform, e-Commerce, social-media, design blogs, and interior design services.


Going to The Next Level: New WebGL Features

As we predicted in the 2015 trends, WebGL is - after years of promise - finally making its way to the online visualisation solutions this year. While some of the developments (e.g. Unity 5 platform capabilities and consistent support in various web-browsers) have certainly been slower than we would had liked them to be, the time to move to next level of visualisation has now arrived.


Long-term User Behaviour: After the Initial Excitement?

We focus on the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies in the sales tools (vs marketing gimmicks), and are always keen to understand how the consumers use the applications, routinely studying the consumer behaviour in order to identify behavioural changes and to analyse the effects of new features and technologies (e.g removing the plugin requirements).


Increasing Store Sales Close Ratio With In-Store Design Stations

The theory is simple. Equipped with a thorough knowledge of products and able to demonstrate all of them, the sales person obtains a good understanding of the customers needs and home environment, and provides a highly personalised service, dealing with things that are important to your customers, solving their decorating problems, and clearing their decision uncertainties. As a result, less customers disconnect at the door (i.e.


Nordic's Largest Home Improvement Retailer Converges On VividPlatform

In 2014 the marketing and sales management in Rautakesko, one of the largest home improvement retailers in Europe, recognized that the hodgepodge of single purpose online design tools did no longer meet the requirements and the needs of the omni-channel shoppers. Not only did each application have its own user experience but the tools were also limited to basic online visualisation and did not support the modern shopper's path to purchase.


Montana Selects VividPlatform

VividWorks is happy to announce that Montana Moebler, a leading Danish manufacturer of office and home furniture and shelving systems, has chosen VividWorks as the supplier of their new online 3D design-to-purchase applications and tools.


Oh Yes - And We Also Won A Prestigious Visual Media Award

The 2014 Visual Media Expo, 'Potentials of Image Representation Expanded by Visual Media' took place in Yokohama, Japan, in December. From scanning with cameras to showing with projectors, the event covered a wide range of information gathering and broadcasting methods.After its seminar presentation on Friday, VividWorks won an award this year for “unique concept”. VividWorks presented its VR and AR solution based on modular design of 3D components.


Engaging Customer in The Next Dimension with Depth Sense

The world’s first integrated 3D depth and 2D camera module, enabling computers, tablets, and smartphones to “see” depth like human eyes was released by Intel at CES 2014 earlier this year. In 2015 we see this technology rushing into the market as it is being rapidly integrated into consumer mobile devices.
For interior visualisation this opens almost endless new possibilities, for example.


Not Just a Pretty Picture And In-Store Pickup: True Omni

While our most advanced customers integrated 3D-visualisation closely into their customer purchase cycle, product design, logistics and manufacturing as early as 2007, it has really been only during 2014 when we have seen a clear trend towards full omni-channel integration. Most businesses still continue to introduce the capabilities with a light 'integration'(i.e. hyperlinks from existing digital platforms to standalone systems) but, having built the 'seed' customer base in the first 6-12months, they rapidly move to integrate and extend the capabilities to most customer touchpoints.