VividWorks Exhibiting in AWE'17, Santa Clara June 1-2

A peek-review videos of some of the use cases Vividworks will be demonstrating at AWE'17 can be seen by clicking the images below.

Next generation of selling configurable products 

Showcasing the visualisation quality, material realism, and adjustable lighting 

HQR Materials Sample


How AR Helps Lindström To Sell Its Design Mat Range

The mats make a huge difference in how people view the company’s premises and the company itself. However, when the mats should be chosen, many people find it difficult to visualize how the mats would look in the premises. Lindström’s mat selection is also so large that viewing them all, let alone comparing alternatives, is challenging for many customers. In addition to the actual product selection, the sales consultants usually spend significant time in the back-office tasks like calculating pricing and data entry.


VividWorks Featured in Commercial Integrator Europe

According to influential retail commentator Walter Loeb, this period of ‘revolutionary change’ is accelerating as the 2020s approach, with the Internet continuing to influence shopping in new and more disruptive ways. All retailers with a stake in the high street need to come to terms with what this change means for their stores, both in terms of methodology and more importantly, technology.


Virtual Glasses and High Quality Rendering Pre-Release Now Available

With the VividPlatform HQR and HMD features you can offer customers more than just animations and visual gimmicks.  As a part of the VividPlatform Design-to-Purchase solution the visualisation features can be used with all the standard platform features and they enable, for example, your customers to freely configure modular products, change materials, build their own home spaces, combine any number of products, adjust lighting, and even fill their whole home with your products – all in real-time (image samples above).


Vividworks Case Story: EM

EM Case Story

Shops are still needed

There is no replacing the need for a customer to test out how bouncy a sofa cushion is or to determine the comfort of a bed. Those key pieces will forever be part of the in-store experience.

“At stores, people continue what they started on the web. They try options they saw on the web and commit to purchase with the help of our professional sales people,” Sturehed says.


New Features Launching in AWE Europe - High Quality and Virtual Reality Headsets

Continuing to evolve our SaaS-solution we are launching the next set of VividPlatform features in the AWE Europe (18.-19.10) and Tokyo Housing Expo (25.-27.10) industry events: The High Quality Rendering and Head Mounted Display (aka VR-headset) features.