VividPlatform™ is a user friendly design-to-purchase tool for retailers, manufacturers, and designers. It enables your customers and sales teams to select products, build configurations, and visualise designs within the customer environment - in real-time and with amazing realism. Whether you are a furniture retailer, a home-improvement business, or a materials manufacturer, VividPlatform™ engages the customer in designing with your products and empowers them to make the purchase by answering the customer's key questions: 'How will it really look?' and 'Will it fit in the space?

Augmented Reality

With VividAR™ your customers can experience realistic looking virtual products as part of their own home. Using a camera and a printed marker, or an iPad without a marker, VividAR™ allows your customers to take a photo of their room and to start instantly adding and arranging any number of furniture items inside the image. When creating designs and comparing alternatives they can try different options, fabrics and finishes, all the time visualising how it all fits together.

Live-Augmented Reality

With the VividAR™ Live-Mode the customers can view your products as part of their own home in a real-time video. Viewing the room through the video camera on their tablet, the customers can turn in different directions in the room and walk around to see the products from different angles, getting different views of their design and selection. Like in the VividAR™ photo-mode the customers can select any number of products, try different options, and change the arrangements in real-time, as they go about selecting the products that are right for them.


Virtual Reality

InteriorPlanner is a virtual reality design solution that gives your customers freedom to build any kind of space, from single rooms to a complete house, in just seconds. It gives the customer full flexibility to use virtual products from real manufacturers and brands in the design of their home, combine different elements and arrangements to match their exact needs and play with colours and material, while all the time seeing how all brands and products fit together, in realistic full colour 3D and in real-time.


Social-media integration and collaboration

VividPlatform is omni-channel. It ties together all the customer touchpoints along the journey to purchase and enables the same designs to be accessed anywhere and on any device, from browsers and tablet apps to touchscreen design stations and virtual glasses. With the customer's interior design as the linchpin it creates a true omni-channel customer experience as well as ensures a smooth transition between the customer touchpoints in online and in-store channels.

VividPlatform is natively social. The customers can easily share their designs with friends and exchange comments and ideas. Product and design ideas can be emailed to the customers or published in the social-media, with the customers immediately being able to visualise what a particular recommendation would look like as part of their own home.

VividPlatform is collaborative. The designs and product choices can be shared between users and the designs modified and commented by others. Besides a true consultative interaction between customer and sales person, this enables highly-effective collaboration on designs and creation of professional communities, e.g. commercial furniture teams working on the same office design, an interior designer assisting customer in creating the dream-home, or a kitchen sales consultant building the configuration for the customer's home.


VividPlatform™ is a sales and marketing tool, not a mere marketing gimmick. In addition to engaging the customers in designing with your products, it integrates with your business systems, like CRM and ERP, and supports the full customer buying cycle from the initial discovery of products to the completed purchase. It provides you with detailed information about the customer's space, design choices, and product preferences, giving you an unprecedented level of insight into the customer's situation and behaviour. As a result, VividPlatform™ enables you to provide a truly personalised and seamless shopping experience for your customers.

VividPlatform™ is a real business tool. Going beyond just listing the products and options customer has chosen, the platform's business rule capabilities can be used to automatically report prices, calculate materials, include mandatory elements and accessories like fixings, calculate shipping charges, estimate labour costs, and even to drive the manufacturing of the products.

VividPlatform™ scales with your business. It is a highly customisable Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solution in which different features can be individually activated based on your business needs and all interfaces adopted to suit your brand experience. As a result, the  VividPlatform™ can be deployed in less than two months and you receive an immediate Return On Investment (ROI) from your new visual design-to-purchase sales approach.

From Design to Purchase



VividPlatform™ enables customers to configure any interior content, visualize design goals in real time, and make purchases with or without a salesperson – at any time. It gives you a market differentiator that engages the customers in designing with your products, assists them in their decision making, as well as creates an emotional bond with your products. As a result, you get benefits on every step on the path to purchase: you reach more customers, create more sales opportunities, sell products faster, and close deals easier.


In addition to the top-line growth, adopting the VividPlatform™ design-to-purchase approach improves your bottom-line.  By simplifying tasks, increasing the efficiencies, and making many of the time consuming sales tasks automatic, it creates you savings and clear return-on-investment, even before the top-line sales and marketing impacts are considered.  The design to purchase platform can help you to, for example

  • Increase the effectiveness of the sales personnel
    By removing many time consuming tasks, like looking up information, verifying availability, and entering orders, VividPlatform™ frees your sales personnel to their most important task: selling your products.

  • Have more effective use of floor space
    As the sales people are able to demonstrate the full-catalogue of products using the virtual and augmented reality sales tools less physical floor space is required.

  • Reduce the number of sales error costs
    Data errors cause a significant cost to the retailer in the form of delivery issues and bad customer experience. With VividPlatform™  these errors are removed as the customer's selection can be ordered directly from the application.

  • Reduce the cost of sales material and errors
    When the product and sales information is delivered digitally less sales collateral is required. The in-store and customer collateral material and pricelists are also always up-to-date.
  • Improve the sales training and lower costs
    By doubling as a cost-effective sales training channel, a design-to-purchase platform helps the retailer to cost-effectively improve the sales personnel knowledge, provide them information on the latest design trends, and give them new ideas for upselling and cross-selling opportunities.


Since 2006 the VividPlatform™ products have helped our customers to enhance their businesses, increase the conversion rates, speed up the whole sales process, and increase the returning customer rate. Today the  VividPlatform™ is being used by hundreds of companies in Europe, USA, Asia, and Australia, and in businesses ranging from small speciality manufacturers to multi-billion dollar international enterprises.

VividPlatform™ is utilised in all industries and categories with the customers including some of the world's leading companies in residential furniture, commercial furniture, home-improvement, kitchens, building materials and housing equipment, shelving and cabinets, fireplaces, bathroom furniture, car manufacturers, commercial textile services, real-estate agents, ship interiors, etc, etc.

Amongst the VividPlatform™ users we can proudly list business like La-Z-Boy, Boffi, Allsteel Office, Ekornes, Inwido, Montana, K-Rauta, R&M Ship, Lindstrom, and Tulikivi.

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    To judge the value of a thing by ‘ROCK O’ TH’ EYE’,  by view or sight, without weighing or measuring

    ca. 1796

    To enable all consumers to experience the 'Rock of Eye' when they plan their interiors and purchases.

    While nowadays 'rock of eye' is a term mostly associated with bespoke tailoring - to describe the almost magical ability to immediately see and understand tasteful combinations and proportions - originally its use is not limited only to the tailoring trade. It does, in fact, simply mean 'to be guided by the eye', and to, by seeing something, instinctively and by intuition know when something is 'Right'.

    We are an Australian company specialising in providing augmented and virtual reality solutions for Australian businesses. We combine world-leading technologies into ready-made, and highly customisable, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solutions. This enables our customers to change their businesses with new technologies cost-efficiently and with fast Time-To-Market.

    We enable visualisation of practically any product and interior. Our technologies cater for a variety of business segments and needs, from furniture retailers and manufacturers, to home-improvement, real-estate and interior designers. The solutions are utilised by hundreds of large businesses in USA, Europe, and in Asia and are, most importantly, proven technologies.

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